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International Dog Trainer

Amie O'Day

Concrete Wall

Amie travels the world training and educating dogs and their owners.  Amie is the founder of the highly sought after Model K-9.  She has been known to take on very difficult cases.  She exhibits a keen ability to connect with and understand a dog making obedience and behavior simplified.  


She is the host of the Trainability Dogcast TM which emphasizes not only training the dog but the human as well.  Through management of the Model K-9 company and training team as well as the "Dogcast", Amie travels extensively training dogs and their owners to develop the best relationship possible.  Her clientele include celebrities and even CEO's in some of the largest pet chains worldwide.   Her approach is award winning and she has personally developed innovative programs referred to as "The FAST TRACK TRAINING PROGRAM" TM through invitation only.   Her following continues to grow and many of her trainings are filmed to help not only dog owners but trainers alike.

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